Eddie Jones Has A Lot To Apologies For

Eddie Jones apologizes for the offensive comments he had made about Ireland and Wales. He is known to have apologized emphatically for the comments that he had made about the Ireland and Wales teams. This refers to comments he had made in the past that have come under the attention. There had been a sponsor’s talk organized in July 2017 where the Australian had described Wales as a “shit little place” as well as spoke about the Irish as “scummy” to express his disappointment about a defeat. For these offensive comments Jones has apologized and stated that there are no excuses for saying such things which he should not have done.

The apologies from the 58 year old coach might have come after the governing body of English rugby union stated that the remarks he had made were inappropriate and the union body needs to apologize on Eddie’s behalf to the Wales and Ireland counterparts. The comment that Eddie had made against the Irish team had come by when England had faced defeat by a score of 13-9 against Ireland in the Six Nations match played in 2017. At that time he had referred to the Irish team as scummy against whom they had lost one Test match after playing 23 Test matches.

These comments have been captured on video as well as his comments about Wales being a shit little place that has three million Welsh people who are not known anywhere else. There is a match coming up between England and Ireland in the upcoming Saturday. If England is unable to win in this game, as they had in the previous tournaments, two in a row, they would end up with fifth rank for Six Nations league. It seems that England would be having a rocky start this season.