1. Then they went to Ireland and got thoroughly and soundly beaten in all departments. Including young mr Itoje getting schooled in back row and lineout

  2. Quite a few rugby players get cauliflower ears and its usually the scrums especially certain positions that are the main cause of it happening and that is why you'll often see some players wearing everything from a scrum cap which is a helmet made from a thin piece of cloth with a little padding to players even wrapping some tape or strips of cloth around their head to cover their ears to give some protection.

  3. Yes, the spear challenge is illegal, you cannot lift a player past the horizontal and dump him on the ground.

  4. In the summer tour englnd were missing players so it was like a make shift B team however there were some youngsters playing

  5. Learn the differences https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRUHxGwv_VY Rugby union turned professional in 1995 (100 years after rugby league turned pro in 1895) and has professional club teams in Australia, Argentina, England, Ireland Italy, France, Japan, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa. Not only that has (inter)national teams that play more regularly.

    Rugby league only has fully professional club teams in Australia, England, France and New Zealand and is the national sport of PNG (Papua New Guinea). It's also followed fairly strongly in the Pacific Islands, when there teams are doing well (Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, Cook Islands to a lesser extent) because they're only Pacific Islands they will always struggle with $$ as they are only small Islands in the Pacific Ocean that live in huts and live off the land ie (coconut trees, island style farming)etc.. have very hard lifestyles and often have to provide for their big families which tend to bring out the best in their players in rugby league and union. Hope you understand where I'm coming from rugby league people tend to be more working class in fans and players while rugby union are more upper class.

    If you ever watch a full game you'll notice straight from the kickoff which is rugby league as the kickoff is the same as the NFL. Rugby union uses a dropkick to start the match. Not only that the defensive line in rugby league has to move back 10 metres before the play the ball, in Union the defensive line doesn't have to move back, just stay in their line, during the ruck (where they contest to grab the placed ball from the tackled player). It's pretty simple to understand just need to pay attention a bit more.

  6. When you was talking about the emerging talent England, it was the actual England squad but very weakened because we lost 16 players because of the british and Irish lions tour to new Zealand

  7. This is my take on this video. England have underperformed for many years with a lot of money, resources and talent that has been missed out. I blame the coaching appointments and the RFU. Yes its taken an Australian coach to bring us back and another SH coach to get Ireland in the race for the RWC 2019 but at least we are headed in the right direction now. And no one in England is saying they are better than NZ right now!!!

    I have alot of good Kiwi mates in Global Rugby forum on facebook and they have some decent and balanced opinions on the state of the game. But !… every so often you get some Kiwi haters that just love to talk about Englands demise in 2015, the fact we have a Southern Hempshere coach and we have a 17.5 % winning record against them. We have a single world cup from 2003 blah blah. Its always been the same . England are hated by the other nations in the UK, former colonies like NZ etc but its water off a ducks back. Invariably this attemptive goading, arrogance etc is all due to the fact that England and Ireland are a genuine threat to the NZ crown as of this time. NZ are more vulnerable now than they have been for a looong time

    I heard one NZ fan say that England have peaked too early and NZ are still building….well I dont believe Engalnd have peaked or they wouldn't have lost to Ireland, the fact that injuries, trying to find at least 3 players in each position to make it through the next RWC, key positions are still problematic proves this.

    England have lost one match in 25 over 2 years and yes thy haven't played NZ in those times but 2018 will be our chance. There has been alot of crap going on regarding the financial side of getting the two teams together but these are the two teams that everyone wants to see play right now. I dont believe anyone is hiding from anyone its just the guys in charge of the purse strings dictating this clash.

    Bring on the game , history is a beautiful thing and something the best teams should be proud of. The now is all we can work on but the future is where the excitement is. As we speak only NZ really can claim to be the best no other SH team is dominating as they did in the past. I truly believe England, Ireland or NZ will win the next world cup. Yes Australia beat NZ recently but their infrastucture is bent , The Saffas are fucked by a corrupt quota system , Scotland came close to beating NZ at home but there is no consistency to say they are headed to be in contention. It is refreshing to know that right now things look more than a one horse race.

  8. In the argentina tour that was the actual England Squad. The senior players were playing for the british and Irish lions vs NZ.

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