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England Student’s Team Practicing Hard

It has been revealed by the England students that on 2nd April, they are all set to host the Combined Universities of Ireland at Oxford University.

In Oxford, the management staff and James has made the announcement to the team at their hotel in Oxford.

On the selection James said, “We are kind of lucky that through the process of selection and training this week, we have got multiple options to keep the intensity right across the eighty minutes.”

While addressing the team, James said, he viewed them as starters and finishers. All 23 would “contribute to our performance” and play.

He further added that, “Lot of intensity has been brought by the Irish, unlike last year, they like to challenge us, and they like to attack in the contact areas. The eighty minutes will be a fairly intense and we will require our bench to come up and finish off the game with lots of impact for us.”

Before the game, the team has two more days, and James wants the squad to make the most of it. He is again highlighting the strength of the clash that going to take place with the Ireland.

Mark Irish the Assistant coach of the team added, “We are just raising the spirit and the intensity of the practice session of the game to bring the players at the level on which the game is going to be like on Sunday. We are increasing the pressure to test the accuracy of players under that pressure and to make it as game-related as possible.”

The team is putting all the efforts to make their game the perfect and zero mistake game. But, only results of the final game will certify whether the efforts of the team were enough. The results will come on Sunday.