1. Awesome performance by England in the second half after an exceptionally poor start by them in the first half against a ruthlessly competitive Australian squad that uncharacteristically mishandled and showed indiscipline at those key moments when England`s lack of awareness and poor decision making would have been instantly punished by the current world champions. Were the Australians beaten convincingly by the English as much as the 2 tries to 4 margin suggests, and could this England squad win a test series against the current world champions: New Zealand ?
    England were fortunate to sustain their awesome performance in the second half against an Australian squad that lacked a killer instinct to finish in the first half and maintained poor discipline in key areas during both halves. On this overall performance they would have lost a match against a New Zealand squad that instantly punishes their lack of awareness and poor decision making from the start, closing out a second half using the momentum established in the first half going forward with ball in hand and only kicking to maintain territorial advantage.
    England were gifted by the confidence of each player who has something to prove in their team performance and gain selection from a coach. Who has a long term ambition of maintaining a rising depth of squad performance that supports winning each match against any opponent using successful delivery of team momentum from every selected, squad player at any time and in their best position for the team during the match. So its very much a gradual team improvement using each game against every type of opponent that secures a pragmatic approach to building confidence through correct decision making and achieving the best performance out of every squad player in their selected position, by winning each match and learning from where improvements can be made.

  2. They're saying England aren't playing NZ until 2018. The 2017 Autumn tests haven't been released yet, so I can't be sure, but I don't understand why they wouldn't! England NZ is a sellout match on its own, but with it being 1st vs 2nd, who would not tune in! I don't know who decides the fixtures, but they better have some good reasons for leaving it until 2018 if they are.

  3. What a strange match. The Aussies broke through the English line many times, but couldn't get the ball down……. Ridiculous.

  4. Hey Lol Mullane and MKRM27. Fellas you have to stop bickering and channel your energy into supporting the soon-to-be number 1 RU side in the world.It matters not who's selection is right, just be grateful that a mere year after being shit-canned outa the RWC by Australia who were humiliated last Saturday, that the genius Eddie Jones has such rich talent to choose from. Come on England!

  5. @MKRM27 England is indeed a world class team and they have been for a long time. You have been to the top of the rankings before and no doubt will get there again and again. I also believe England will get the opportunity to beat our record of 18 games in a row because you work hard and are playing the right game. No argument there. However, I am also very confident that the NZ ALL BLACKS will forever be at the top of rugby until the end of time with the occasional off-year. You finally have a team that can win all the time and keep winning. But as history shows, all teams can't stay up with NZ year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year lol.

    Our next match against each other is going to be the one to watch. Well done England. 🙂

  6. They should try get 2 world cups back to back with a record win # haha shot the World Cup pussies, all blacks even play exhibition games in Chicago……England play Georgia haha pansy gits, soccer is made for them, half the skill kick kick kick gayyyyyeee

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