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RBS 6 Nations Coming Up

If you look at the performance of RBS 6 Nations, the home nations rounded off a hectic, but eventful ending session after the autumn games were over. Indeed, the international games had kept the teams busy for about a month. However, when the 6 nations championship came by, many were focused on this tournament event. This is considered the tournament of blue ribald category in European rugby.

It will start off in about nine weeks. England will own the title last time; they will be the defending champions in the tournament. It is time to check how the home nations stand as far their autumn performance stands and what chances they stand in the upcoming tournament.

England is definitely the formidable team this time as they have had an eventful and successful year, having beaten teams like South Africa, Argentina, Australia and Fiji. Eddie Jones was definitely under a lot of pressure when he was allocated as head coach for the team, but he has definitely helped to turn the team’s performance around.

Next in line is Wales whose autumn form consists of having lost to Australia, but having won games against South Africa, Argentina and Japan. As a result Rob Howley as head coach is definitely looking at using the collective experience from these games to motivate his players for the upcoming tournament.

Scotland also comes into the tournament with wins against Georgia and Argentina while they lost out to Australia. Ireland will be on a high as well as they have a victory against Australia to their credit. It remains to be seen how they fare in the tournament. The teams have definitely played well in their respective places and can now look forward to relax during the holiday season, after which preparation time will come for the tournament.