1. Great Game well done England you won fair and square , but Wales are succeeding in changing there game but I fell Howley lost the game for Wales by taking off Moriarty and picking the out of form Cuthbert if North was fit he would have stopped Daily scoring .
    Although England were the better team they won and I'am glad they came down to Cardiff to play rugby football good luck England , best game in years in the six nations thank you both teams you were excellent .

  2. i watched this game live and Eng deserve to win bcuz Wal was leading the points with 16-11 then they blew their lead. #rbs

  3. England starting to develop real self-belief, playing the full 80, winning games they would've lost in the past, well done

  4. fuck england , they always get penalties for nothing . High tacles my ass , twice for no reason , when their forwards are the worst , fucking marler n lawes . when england will win a game without the referee s help ? fuck these steroids boys !

  5. On the plus side Wales have been stuck playing the Gatland way and have changed it for bout the last 5 games and have already become a team that's miles better.we need some players dropped and then some more attacking youngsters brought In with a couple players who need to go.wont name names as people won't agree but I'm so confident that when that happens with a bit of time to gel we will be beating higher ranked teams on more regular basis. .We have the players to do just needs someone, not howley, to have the balls to change and improve the team further.

  6. England beat Wales with No Robshaw, No Vunipola brothers, No Tulangi, No Watson and No Kruis. 6 first team players missing and we still beat you on your own turf. Everyone saying Wales deserved to win, well remember the 2015 world cup? We battered you and you won. So it works both ways. 4 Wins in a row against Wales in the six nations. 5 wins in our last 6 against Wales, that luck? COME ON ENGLAND!!!!

  7. howley needs to go, teams allways shadow it's manager and that team showed no confidence to finish the game and he looked so doubtful whether they were goin to win, hence the team showed that too.then there's his substitutions I mean not one of them was right and cuthbert yet again was given another chance and it was a very poor performance throughout the game. I mean what's the point in picking youngsters when u don't use them for a single minute..There r places in that team that need attacking players and players who can deliver that killer pass and finish it off.for me cuthbert isn't that player any longer and I'm having doubts about Jonathan Davies and Lee halfpenny in that regard to

  8. 2003 is a generation ago – really? Mind you i suppose Welsh females do start breeding as soon as they hit puberty. The Welsh won't win the WC because of lack of funding, it will be bevause they are narrow minded and inbred. Beating the English is all that matters to them. Jonathan Davies in the WC, well over a generation ago, 'at least we beat the bloody English.' Narrow minded bigot. Being ex forces, I knew many Welsh lads and many were top drawer. Fucked a few of you prime bitches too. No problem there either. Sadly, the inbreds who have never ventured further than the valleys, are a waste of space and oxygen.

  9. England deserved the win because they scored the most points however Wales played the better rugby

  10. Cuthbert should never play for Wales again he Cost us a word cup semi final because a shit tackle and now cost us a six nations by failing to tackle his opposite number at the end

  11. what a game…if we could have game like this week in week out….definitely game of the year by far.

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