1. I'm 35 now and I'm glad I was watching woodwards team from the way he built from scratch In1997 on wards to 2003 .we salute you .

  2. Of course it helped to have some of the finest players ever to represent England…. but maybe he made them. Typical RFU to get rid of him.

  3. Just hope this isn't England Rugby's version of 1966 and England only have this to look back on as their sole RWC triumph.

  4. Why were "England" even allowed to compete in this tournament in the first place? "England" doesn't exist! They should return the trophy to Australia to whom it rightfully belongs.

  5. great theatre… interesting clive tips his hand in the documentary…. they man marked Larkham in the final, who was belted in a ruck,… nearly unconscious and went to the blood bin to be "stiched" and sent back in… that was the turning point imo… australia's (and arguably worlds best player) taken out… fair play?

  6. England were a fantastic team in 2003, they deserved that RWC. It's hard to believe in the 2015 RWC they would not even make it out of the group stage. Southern Hemisphere rugby still rules the world, it will be a very long time until you see England win another RWC.

  7. Springboks did it first in their first world cup first extra time final and first game ever won in a world cup final by a drop goal and kicking points by one man. Exciting rugby though

  8. People said about England in 2003 that they didn't play pretty Rugby, but they played winning Rugby. In 2015 we turned down the options of pretty Rugby and instead chose losing Rugby. I feel like the media pressure has been unfair towards England but some of the selection has been frankly appalling.

  9. And today they crashed and burned out before the last game, reminds me of another world cup, hmmm

  10. I was 13 years old when England won the world cup. Before that, Rugby at least to me was always this sort of middle/upper class sport which was exclusive to them. When England won, suddenly it was open to everyone. It didn't matter where you came from, anything was possible and it's down to England winning the world cup that people thought that way. I joined my local rugby club (Broad Street Rugby Club in Coventry) and enjoyed a wonderful 5+ years playing the sport, learning how to operate in a team, understanding comradery and teamship and my responsibilities as a second row and took from the sport life lessons which I still apply to day to day life to this day. Thank you England Rugby World Cup team 2003 for creating a completely unexpected and incredible new avenue in my life.

    Kevin Donnelly

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