1. Watching this now hearing that they thought England were gonna win the RWC and they don't even make it to the quarterfinals

  2. Jack Nowell. <3 "Monster much!" yes! Hookers. lol Id like to see him in his pants! 😉

  3. Great a bunch of weirdo's who sniff each others bottoms, runabout like girls after a ball and love being part of laglo displays 🙂

  4. Im a fan of english rugby after ireland ofcourse. Lol. Even sub u guys and get all the latest info. Have a feeling we meet in the semis of wc. And hope we beat u. Not sure the high ball b effëctive this time ha. And should u win /hopefully not/ ill shout u guys on to victory:-) just one thing. Please. Oh please stop saying when things dont go ur way your a young team. Make it happen guys. You more than good enough.

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