Ashley Gordon And All Stars

Newcastle seems to be the new destination for the star players this season. The NRL All Stars game is coming up and as Ashley Gordon puts it, it is certainly going to be more than a mere football game of the season. It would be held at the Hunter Stadium.

The game was announced recently and is the seventh game to be played in the pre season exhibition round. It is the first game scheduled to be played outside Queensland. It would be held in Newcastle in the New Year in the month of February. Gordon states that rugby means a lot to the aboriginals and him being an aboriginal player himself of Newcastle, he would surely know what such a game would mean to the locals.

Gordon states that these games are great to witness as the locals get involved and make the games emotional from the very beginning. For those who are looking to bring about an air of reconciliation, they can use rugby league games as the perfect vehicle. Gordon feels that this is an important and unique aspect of rugby games. It helps to bring people together on a common platform unlike how other games do. The air is a positive one, especially in an All Stars game.

With no divide, friction and racism, it helps to foster a positive environment. Gordon has also put in a proposal that Newcastle RL be able to stage their own local match which will bring together the local players and give them an opportunity to play. Such a game will also act as a curtain raiser to the main game that is planned. His proposal has been put forward to the Newcastle Rugby League board and they are considering the matter. The next season will have the World Cup coming up as well due to which the All Stars games will take a recess.

All Stars To Promote Newcastle

The Harvey Norman Rugby League All Stars series would be hosted by Newcastle. It would be a first for this club which will be held at the beginning of next year. Tickets are going for sale already as the 10th February game is scheduled at Hunter Stadium.

Linda Burney is Chair of the council that is organizing the league. She feels that the All Stars series planned next year will be an important milestone for the region. This kind of event has not been held outside Queensland before. It would certainly help to showcase the game in regions like New South Wales. Benefits and messages about All Stars games are being circulated for the upcoming series in 2017.

The All Stars matches that were held this year were great successes. There had been considerable support for the games. For the popularity that the games enjoyed this year it is expected that the same series will bring about greater attention and support next year. The council members feel that fans in the New South Wales region will love to see the male as well as female players’ line up against each other.

It is expected that the indigenous community would be considerably excited about the matches. The tourism ministry is also excited about the side effects of this league or series being organized in Newcastle. They are hopeful of the attention that the league would bring to the region. Newcastle would offer the perfect ambience and infrastructure for the All Stars matches.

NRL has partnered with NSW government and NSW is being marketed as the destination to be at in February, especially for the rugby game enthusiasts. The turnout would be impressive in Newcastle and that would definitely help to boost the local tourism and economy in general. Fans are being encouraged to book their tickets as soon as possible.